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Explain the Acts of the Apostles .

plan a Bible study on your passage in a context that you decide.

describe the setting in which your presentation will take place. This can be a group you are currently working with, have worked with, or plan to. It can be hypothetical or specific. Examples include a parish RCIA group, a high school youth group, an STM or seminary day of prayer, a parish women’s or men’s group, a prison ministry, a disability support group, abuse/trauma survivors, an AA/recovery retreat, etc. Your objectives and approach will naturally be affected by the group you are working with.


Woman answers:

That you “(Jesus) are a prophet” (v. 19, NIV).

Ancestors worshipping on the mountain, but Jews claiming the place of worship is in Jerusalem (v. 20, NIV).

Jesus replies to women:

Believe me, time will come when you will be worshipping God (the Father)” neither in Jerusalem or on the mountain (v. 21, NIV).

Woman replies,

“… Samaritans praise what you don’t know; we do worship… for salvation, for Jews” (v. 22, NIV).

A time is coming…and has come when true worshippers will praise the Father in truth and in Spirit (v. 24, NIV).

Explain the Acts of the Apostles .
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