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Differentiate and discuss the differences in the negotiation process between fact-finding, negotiation, and bargaining.

Compare and contrast the benefits vs the disadvantages or criticisms of using an ERP system. Discuss the three primary measurement benefits to be derived from Six Sigma. The three primary benefit measurement benefits are: measure existing system, establish metrics, and identify performance baseline. Discuss all 3. Describe the implications of the product-process matrix for process […]

Create a case study based on the Alliance of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.

Create a case study based on the Alliance of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. This case study should related to Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck’s business flavoured on 2 of these orientations: Environment, Relations, Activity, or Time. relate with Carlos Ghosn’s ethic based on the following literature review: Teleological and Deontological or/and Cultural Theories

Comprehensive financial analysis.

provide a comprehensive financial analysis for the selected companies using various financial analysis techniques such as graphs, common-size analysis and financial ratio analysis including DuPont analysis. Your final report should include the following: i) Analysing the following aspects of the selected firms’ over two years: 1. Analysing liquidity 2. Analysing assets management efficiency 3. Analysing […]

“Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes” is a Latin phrase/metaphor which expresses the meaning of “discovering truth by building on previous discoveries”. How do you think learning about the career paths and experiences can be of value to students learning about healthcare management concepts?

Identify some of the core leadership concepts that you identified with the most while listening to the leadership podcasts and answer each of the following questions Which speaker did you identify with the most and why? Was there a speaker that you did not agree with? What specifically did you not agree with? If you […]

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