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Writer’s choice

a. What is your topic?

b. Why is your topic important?

c. Provide a specific statement that identifies your topic.

II. Review of Literature

a. Introductory paragraph

i. This is my topic

ii. These are the categories that emerge from my analysis of the studies based on the research questions each study explored.

b. First category (this subsection of the main body should have its own heading identifying the category). For each study, mention the author(s) of the study, the methodology used, and the question(s) explored. For each study, you shouldnt need more that 4-5 sentences.

c. Second category (same instructions as above)

d. Third category (If there is one same instructions as above)

e. Paragraph summarizing this section.

III. Implications for Diverse Populations

a. Address cultural/ethnic, exceptionalities, religious, and economic diversity.

IV. Implications for Technology

a. Address uses of both devices and apps in your area.

V. Summary

a. Recap

b. Applications of technology to your topic

c. Guidance for persons in your workplace (usually teachers and administrators)

Writer’s choice
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