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Write a research on The Hazards of Taking Children out to Eat.

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The Hazards of Taking Children out to Eat

Parenthood ushers in a more controlled and ordered life to an individual. The life of a parent is usually focused on children who require special attention and care. The overall aim of parenthood is to minimize possible troubles and risks that might affect the childs health or wellbeing. One of the risky moments or situations is when taking your children out for a meal. It is hard to ignore the changes in the environment today. As I walk around, I realize how the surroundings have become hazardous, especially for human beings. Nowadays, people need to take caution with the food they consume to ensure they remain healthy. Our youngsters need extra attention even as they go outside to play. We, as the parents, need to observe the things they eat. Even as we take them to different places to eats, we must realize the hazards that may come along.

Eating in a caf with kids can be challenging. I sometimes find it challenging to balance work and family, so I think it can be time-saving to take kids out for a meal. Most restaurants serving fats foods have devised a way to entice and woe children. For instance, McDonald tends to use a clown to represent a mascot, has playgrounds for children equipped with unique toys and attractive food options. Given an opportunity, our children would scramble for these foods, which are presumably unhealthy. These restaurants typically understand the psychology of children and use such knowledge for their advantage to get parents money.

It is ethically and legally wrong to provide misleading information and create false ads meant to sway the minds of the children. Misleading ads and incorrect information are equally harmful to our childrens health. I usually see a lot of advertisements about food across the street and in our mainstream media. My childrens favorite television program is generally incorporated with different ads targeting children as the audience. Some of these ads often encourage the consumption of junk food. They use enticing words and pictures to impact a childs perspective on some food types.

When I take my children to a nearby food-joint, their choice of food and attitude tends to be aligned with what they watch on the TV. They usually order junky and presumably unhealthy food. I am perturbed and worried as a parent for my childrens general health. I usually wonder why the government and other relevant agencies have failed to regulate the food industry to ensure our children have access to healthy foods. However, I understand that the dangers related to food prepared for commercial uses are many and challenging to detect. People and businesses have resorted to unethical business practices, such as using potentially harmful ingredients to prepare certain foods.

Children need to eat a balanced diet. When I am in a restaurant with kids, I cannot tell which food is right for them. Their stomachs are sensitive or allergic to different products. I do not have an idea of the products that were used during the process of cooking. Some of the products may be harmful to the health of a child. I have realized that this is a significant reason why there is an increased case of obesity in our society. Poor eating habits and insufficient nutrition is a crucial contributor to childhood obesity. Modern children engage in subtle or no outdoor activities. Even when going out for a meal, I usually use a vehicle as a means of transport. The children, therefore, miss an opportunity to exercise or even enjoy been outside. I do this as a protective measure, especially in this society marred with violence against children perpetrated by strangers. Besides, driving to restaurants further increases the risk of being involved in an accident.

Apart from not being able to control their behaviour in public, I find it challenging to choose the perfect food for them. Kids need to eat fresh and quality food all the time before their bodies adjust to different foods. I know what is allergic to my kids and what can harm them. It will thus, be a guarantee of consuming quality food if I choose and cook it myself. However, taking food from a restaurant is inherently dangerous and unhealthy for children because many businesses tend to unethical in their dealings. Conclusively, the danger of taking our children out for a meal as parents is significant and has an impact on health as a whole.

Write a research on The Hazards of Taking Children out to Eat.
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