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Sun Devil Cafe – Proposal and Contract.

Scenario: The Sun Devil Caf is a new coffee shop that will be located on Mill Ave, next to the ASU Tempe campus. They will serve coffee and homemade pastries during breakfast hours and sandwiches the rest of the day. Their clientele will consist primarily of ASU students, and their competitors include local and chain coffee and sandwich shops such as Starbucks or Ike’s.
They are planning to open soon, and so it’s time to get all of their print, web, social media & advertising ready to go. They have determined that they will need the following:
basic marketing website mockups (no e-commerce)
basic marketing website coding (no e-commerce)
logo & identity design
menu design
SEO plan for launch & ongoing
social media advertising plan pre-launch
social media general plan for launch & ongoing
photography of location and menu items for the website & advertising
video ads to be used for social media advertising
They have approached you, a freelancer in the graphic industry, to give them a quote for ANY 2 items from their list. You will create a proposal to present to the Sun Devil Caf, for those 2 items. You will not need to do any of the actual design work, just write the proposal for the work based on an hourly rate that you select, and a number of hours that you think would be enough for you to get the job done (You wouldn’t do the work until you had agreed to a proposal and signed a contract!).
You’re feeling optimistic about your ability to gain the Sun Devil Cafe as a client, so you will also prepare the contract that you’ll use to lock in the project after they’ve accepted your proposal.
Download and read the AIGA Standard Form of Agreement for Design Services (Links to an external site.)
Following the guidelines for proposals beginning on page 8 of the AIGA document, create a proposal for the two freelance work items listed above for the Sun Devil Cafe (You are the designer, Sun Devil Cafe is the client).
You will charge Sun Devil Cafe by the hour. In the AIGA document it says you may charge hourly or on a fixed-fee basis, but for this assignment, you need to charge by the hour. You MUST also indicate the number of hours it will take you to do each item individually. Do some research to find out what would be realistic if you do not have experience with the items you select.
Once you have written the proposal, create a contract using the AIGA Standard Form Agreement Terms & Conditions that work for the items listed in your proposal. You are literally to copy and paste the text of the contract from the AIGA document linked above into a tool where you can edit the text, such as Word, InDesign, or Pages, and personalize it to fit the work you are doing for Sun Devil Cafe. Don’t write your own contract, and don’t use one that you already use for freelance work or one from any other template website that is part of the course learning materials. The text of the contract that you will copy-paste-modify starts on page 35 of the AIGA document. However… you need to read all of the pages prior to that so that you know what parts to paste and how to modify the contract. There are sections where you will need to fill in blanks, and other sections where you need to select which of several paragraphs best fits your needs. This is key to getting full credit for this assignment.
1. For the contract, you need to copy the TEXT from that PDF into your own document style. Please don’t submit the entire AIGA document as your contract file.
2. Your contract should not be one giant wall of text, so if it copies in like that, please take the time to add appropriate breaks. This should look like a professional document that you would hand to a client.
3. Don’t remove the section and paragraph numbers from the contract. This is standard for legal documents, allowing someone to say “Section 12.8 we would like to make a change…” instead of having to visually search through a paper document to find specific content.
4. Proposal Length: past students have written 3 page proposals and 25 page proposals (and everything in between) that earned A+ grades. Your document should thoroughly cover all of the topics the AIGA document mentions, and answer questions your client might have on the project. A one or two page proposal is too short.
Both the proposal and the contract will need a space for each party to sign.
Save your work into 2 separate PDF files. Do not save as a single document – these would be submitted to a client and signed separately, so you would not have the proposal and contract in the same document. They are NOT the same thing.

Sun Devil Cafe – Proposal and Contract.
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