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Describe The perspective of a witness.

1. The perspective of a witness, 2. The community and/or family member of the victim, and 3. Of the police officers on the scene. There are 3 videos below. Each is labeled for what I want you to use them for; however feel free to formulate your opinions for all perspectives using information from all videos.
SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS IN A WORD DOCUMENT. THERE NEEDS TO BE A COVER PAGE. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL PAPER; HOWEVER CORRECT ENGLISH, GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION, AND TENSE ARE EXPECTED PER USUAL. IT IS OKAY TO HAVE THREE SECTIONS LABELED FOR EACH PERSPECTIVE AND YOU TELL YOUR STANCE AS IF YOU ARE THE WITNESS, THE COMMUNITY MEMBER OR FAMILY MEMBER, AND THEN FROM THE POLICE OFFICERS STANCE. I am looking for you to tell me how you feel, what you think, was it the force excessive, who as in the wrong, etc. Your stance can change depending on the perspective you are coming from. For instance, I may feel different as the brother of the victim than I would feel as an officer on the scene; and then again you may not feel different. There is not right or wrong answers, but the goal is to understand that some stances are usually more emotionally-based and some are more fact (evidence)-based.


Community View
Police View

Describe The perspective of a witness.
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