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credit refusal.

As manager of Crunch Gym, you must refuse the application of Ava Koenig for an Extended Membership. This is strictly a business decision. You liked Ava very much when she applied, and she seems genuinely interested in fitness and a healthy lifestyle. However, your Extended Membership plan qualifies the member for all your testing, exercise, recreation, yoga, and aerobics programs. This multiservice program is expensive for the club to maintain because of the large staff required. Applicants must have a solid credit rating to join. To your disappointment, you learned that Ava’s credit rating is decidedly negative. Her credit report indicates that she is delinquent in payments to four businesses, including Total Body Fitness Center, your principal competitor.

You do have other programs, including your Drop In and Work Out plan, which offers the use of available facilities on a cash basis. This plan enables a member to reserve space on the racquetball and handball courts. The member can also sign up for yoga and exercise classes, space permitting. Since Ava is far in debt, you would feel guilty allowing her to plunge in any more deeply.

Your Task: Refuse Ava Koenig’s credit application, but encourage her cash business. Suggest that she make an inquiry to the credit-reporting company Experian to learn about her credit report. She is eligible to receive a free credit report if she mentions this application. Write to Ava Koenig, 20 S Broadway, Apt. 4, Billings, MT 59101.

credit refusal.
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